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NORA Seafood is a family owned company established in 2014

-  We own 2 processing locations in Iceland
-  Total production facilities of 1000 m²
-  We make fresh, live, smoked and dried products
-  We are part of a rich seafood culture
-  Founder: Vidir Ingthorsson

We are located in the small fishing town of Isafjordur in the Westfjords of Iceland.
We have a strong seafood heritage dating back to the 17th century.  Our products are mainly caught and farmed in the nearby fjords and fishing grounds.
Our daily routine consists of producing a fresh product from wild catch that we received straight from the boat the evening before.

In the winter, part of the fillets that we cut are turned into fish snacks in our drying house by the seaside.  It is an old tradition dating back to the year 870 ad.

The routine of our divers at the same time is preparing for a dive in one of the nearby fjords.There they prospect for sea urchins and other shellfish.  

In our other facility, the day starts early when we get salmon and trout in for filleting.  
The fillets are hand cut, dry cured and smoked in a traditional way with a unique blend.
The total process that this will take is 80 hours.

In the summer, when the sun shines high above at the arctic circle, we use the time to make sun dried bacalao.

From the start our target has been to become experts in our field.
By acquiring other companies in the same field and building experience, we’ve come a long way to achieve that goal.

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