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NORA is an innovational seafood product company, located in northwest Iceland. We follow particular quality standards and purchase, commission the fishing of, or produce products that fulfil these standards. We market and sell our products and to customers all around the world, servicing restaurants, canteens and hotels.


NORA is based in Ísafjörður, a small town in the Westfjords of Iceland, and our products are mainly caught in the nearby fjords and fishing grounds. Icelandic seafood products are among the most sustainable in the world and we guarantee that we always deliver products of the highest available quality.


Our product range includes fresh, frozen and live seafood. Our selection follows the seasons so we can be sure that we always offer the best available products. For example we focus on getting the best cod roes in the beginning of winter, when the first male lumpfish are caught in early spring we prepare for the fishing of female lumpfish, and so on, throughout the year.


We purchase our products straight from boats and the fish market in Ísafjörður. What we can't buy directly from producers in the area, we aqcuire through contracting producers. We work closely with two producers that process the products we hand pick, following our quality standards. We only work with producers that we know and trust, as we often ask for special cuts and processing of our products, requiring highly skilled fish processing.