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The NORA team works hard at finding and offering the finest seafood products available at each time, be it fresh, frozen or live seafood.


The fishing grounds around northwest Iceland provide us with cod of superior quality, both regarding taste and texture. In fact it is so good, we market it under the name of Royal Cod Loins. The fish is almost completely free from cod worms, that can otherwise be common, especially in cod that is caught in shallow waters.


Trawlers sail from the town of Ísafjörður, catch the fish and immediately cool it to -0.4°C, using specialized cooling equipment. The fish is kept at this temperature throughout the process, without using ice, ensuring its freshness.


From the fjords we get first class shrimp, caught during the day, unshipped in the evening and processed the next day. The shrimp keep their sweet taste all throughout the process, although it is at its strongest when they are eaten raw. The shrimp can be frozen in the shell or boiled, shelled and frozen.


The fjords also provide us with shellfish, which can be found at a depth of 4-15 metres, and are caught by our diver. The diver provides us with large scallops, each shell weighing up to 150 grams, as well as hand picking sea urchins, Iceland cyprine, and horse mussels. He has also found sea cucumbers that we are excited to experiment further with in collaboration with our customers and processing partners.


We get ocean trout from small fish farms, located in the same fjord as the town of Ísafjörður, where we have our office. The fish have plenty of space to swim around in and no antibiotics or hormones are used during the farming. The feed is completely natural, mainly consisting of Icelandic pelagic fish, such as capelin and herring.

Throughout the years, we have consulted many of Iceland's leading chefs and specialized sushi chefs, and they all agree on the superior quality of the farmed ocean trout. The physical characteristics of the fish, its appearance, color, taste and fat content, is as good as it gets.